Buildings and Estates Committee


Reporting to Senate

What should be in the Committee's report to Senate?
  • The Report is NOT a summary or repetition of the minutes.
  • Rather, it is a selection of those items which Senate should know about and set out in an appropriate order (i.e. not necessarily in the order of the Committee's agenda).
What are the guidelines for drafting reports to Senate?
  • The Committe's report needs to be divided into the two sections below (as applicable):
    — Items for decision
    — Items for information
  • Recommendations to Senate, in the Items for decision section, need to be clearly identified and worded.
  • Any necessary attachments, e.g. for recommendations to Senate, need to be provided.
What is the format for the report?
Who needs to approve Committee minutes and reports to Senate?
  • the relevant Senior Officer (Director, CIS)
  • the Committee Chair
  • the Vice-Chancellor
What are the deadlines for submitting reports to Senate?