Buildings and Estates Committee

Updated 13 June 2013

2013 Deadlines for Committee reports to Senate

The Senate report for each BEC meeting should be emailed to Lis Bergmann by the deadline below.

The reported needs to be checked by all of the following officers:
– the Secretary to the Committee (Director, CIS)
– the Vice-Chancellor
– the Chair

The unconfirmed minutes should be emailed to Lis Bergmann for inclusion on the secure Senate website.

Deadline for report for
the Pre-Senate meeting with Chairs
                          For the Senate meeting on:                                   
COB 17 July 2013 new  5 August 2013
COB 14 August 2013 new  2 September 2013
COB 14 October 2013 new  4 November 2013
COB 13 November 2013 new  2 December 2013