Chair Appointments Committee

Updated 21 April 2015


The Chair Appointments Committee has delegated authority to:

  • approve appointment of:
    — a Pro Vice-Chancellor
    — a Dean
  • approve appointment to:
    — a University Chair
    — a Chair, including Sir Hermann Black, Challis and McCaughey Chairs, and appointment by invitation or on nomination or without advertisement
  • approve variation of contract at Level E
  • approve the award of academic title for non-professorial staff who occupy the position of:
    — Deputy Vice-Chancellor
    — Pro Vice-Chancellor
    — Dean
    — other senior executive positions as approved by Senate
  • approve the award of the title of:
    — Emeritus Professor
    — Conjoint Professor, includes holders of NHMRC, ARC and other nationally competitive fellowships
    — Sir Hermann Black/Bosch/Challis/Kellion/McCaughey/Peter Nicol Russell Professor
    — Visiting Professor (12 months or more)
    — Adjunct Professor (12 months or more)
    — Clinical Professor (12 months or more)
  • approve promotion of academic staff to Level E
  • approve proposals for the name/change of name of named chairs
  • advise the Vice-Chancellor on appropriate procedures relating to senior academic appointments



  • The Chancellor (Chair)
  • The Deputy Chancellor
  • The Vice-Chancellor and Principal
  • The Chair of the Academic Board
  • A Deputy Vice-Chancellor on the nomination of the Vice-Chancellor (currently the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor)

Five Fellows of Senate elected by Senate

Senate may, on the advice of the Committee, or on its own volition, appoint additional members as required.

Term of office

Elected members have terms of office of two years and no member is to serve for more than two consecutive terms.

All term limits are capable of waiver by Senate if recommended by the Nominations and Appointments Committee.


In accordance with current provisions governing election to Senate Committees.


The Committee meets prior to each meeting of Senate.


At any meeting of the Committee three members shall form a quorum.

Decisions by circulation

The Committee has resolved:

  • that urgent unanimous items which cannot wait until the next scheduled CAC meeting will considered by CAC by circulation, subject to the approval of the Vice-Chancellor;
  • that unanimous recommendations of Selection Committees meeting during the holiday period, including any second and third choices, be considered by the Chair Appointments Committee by circulation;
  • that they would need to be approved by the Chair Appointments Committee nem con; and
  • that any recommendations of Selection Committees which were not unanimous would need to be considered by a meeting of the Chair Appointments Committee.

Reporting to Senate

The Chancellor reports decisions of the Chair Appointments Committee in the confidential section of the Senate agenda. (Names of those promoted to Professor and those awarded the title of Emeritus Professor are reported to Senate; where offers of appointment or titles have been made, names are not reported.)

Secretary to the Committee

Secretary to Senate