Chair Appointments Committee

Selection committees which report to CAC

Academic Staff Selection Committee – Level E

For appointments to Level E positions

  • Provost and DVC (or nominee) (Chair)
  • Dean or nominee
  • Chair AB or nominee
  • Head or nominee
  • Internal School member (nominated by Head)
  • External member nominated by Head, as approved by the Provost
  • Up to two other members
  • In exceptional circumstances, the Chair of the committee may approve an additional member to the above, or additional member(s) to meet the requirements of co-funded positions.
  • A SydneyRecruitment representative may participate in the capacity of recruitment and selection adviser to the Chair.


Academic titles committees

For Level E Titles (including Visiting Professor, Adjunct Professor, Clinical Professor, Conjoint Professor)

  • Core members:
    – the Provost or nominee (Chair)
    – the Chair of the Academic Board or nominee
    – a member of the current (or most recent) Faculty Promotion Committee for promotion to Professor (for Research Titles, this will instead be the Chair of the Faculty Research Committee or nominee)
    – the Dean or nominee
  • Additional members (will vary depending on the applicant)
    – the Head or nominee
    – one other senior member of the School
  • For clinical, conjoint or research titles there will also be one member representing the appropriate external body (eg hospital or Area Health Service for clinical or conjoint, the associated research institute for research)


Central Promotions Committee

For the annual round of promotions to Level E

  • Vice-Chancellor (Chair) ex officio;
  • Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor ex officio;
  • Two deans (nominated by the Provost);
  • Chair of the Academic Board ex officio;
  • One senior academic from another university (nominated by the Vice-Chancellor);
  • Three professors (nominated by the Chair of the Academic Board); and
  • Two reserves from the professoriate nominated by the Chair of the Academic Board.

Those members who are not ex officio should normally serve for a period of no more than three consecutive years.


Out of round promotions committees

For out of round promotions to Level E

  • Vice-Chancellor or nominee (Chair)
  • Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor or nominee
  • Chair of the Academic Board or nominee
  • The relevant Dean or nominee

Selection committees for deanships

The Vice-Chancellor will nominate a selection committee which will comprise as a minimum the following:

  • Ex-officio
    – Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
    – Provost
    – Chair of the Academic Board or nominee
  • Members appointed by Senate
    – three Faculty members (plus reserves) nominated by the Vice-Chancellor
    – one member external to the University nominated by the Vice-Chancellor
  • Alumni and external groups do not have an entitlement to membership of the selection committee, but may be invited by the Vice-Chancellor to participate on a voting or non-voting basis, subject to the approval of Senate.


University Chair Committee

The purpose of University Chairs is to recognise and reward members of University staff who are internationally acknowledged scholars of exceptional distinction or to attract such scholars to the University.

  • Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Staffing)
  • Chair of the Academic Board
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
  • Chair of the Academic Board Research Committee
  • two professors, one of whom is nominated by the Vice-Chancellor and one of whom is nominated by the Chair of the Academic Board
  • and, if neither of the professors nominated by the Vice-Chancellor or Chair of the Board is external to the University, an additional external member will be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor in consultation with the Chair of the Board.

The term of office of members of the UCC will normally be three years.

The members of the UCC are ineligible to nominate or be nominated.