Investment and Commercialisation Committee

About the Committee

The role of the Investment and Commercialisation Committee is to monitor and advise Senate on matters relating to the University’s investment portfolio and commercialisation activities with particular reference to: the appropriateness of policies and the success of investment and commercialisation strategies; sustainability and ensuring the effective management of risk in areas covered by the Committee’s remit.

The Committee is authorised by Senate to receive recommendations as to the appointment and retirement, as appropriate, of consultants and external managers, and make such decisions subject to reporting to Senate after the event.

The Committee has oversight of the management of the University’s long term investment portfolio, known as the Future Fund, and in that role may consider and approve major capital expenditure projects and strategic initiatives which are funded entirely from the Future Fund and which have previously been approved by the Building and Estates Committee. The Committee provides advice on the investment mandate for the Future Fund, which balances support for a broad range of core University objectives with seeking to achieve appropriate commercial returns.