Nominations and Appointments Committee

About the Committee

The Nominations and Appointments Committee has the following roles:

  1. appointed Fellows of Senate - the role of the Committee is specified in Clause 46B of Chapter 4A of the University of Sydney By-Law.
  2. honorary awards - the Committee is to consider suggestions for honorary degrees and honorary fellowships and submit a report to Senate. Documentation received by the Committee will be available to Fellows for inspection.
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  3. nomenclature - the Committee is to review and make recommendations to Senate as regards naming proposals, changes to existing names or the discontinuation of existing names in relation to: University buildings and other significant assets; scholarships and prizes; centres and institutes and foundations.
  4. governance - the Committee is to monitor and advise Senate on governance issues generally as they relate to Senate and the University including induction and continuing education of Fellows, Senate performance reviews, committee structure and remits, and related matters.
  5. appointments to University organisations - the Committee is authorised by Senate to approve appointments to University organisations where the appointee is not a Fellow.