Senate committees

The Committee's report to Senate

What is in the Committee's report to Senate?
  • Please note that the Report is NOT a summary of the minutes.
  • Rather, it is a selection of those items which Senate should know about and set out in an appropriate order (i.e. not necessarily in the order of your agenda).
Report template
  • Report to Senate template:
Report guidelines
  • The Committe's report needs to be divided into the two sections below (as applicable):
    — Item/s for decision
    — Item/s for information
  • Recommendations to Senate need to be clearly identified.
  • Any necessary attachments, e.g. for recommendations to Senate, need to be provided.
Approval of minutes / report

The minutes and report need to be approved by the following:

  • Relevant Senior Officer
  • Committee Chair
  • Vice-Chancellor (via Debbie Bowman)
  • Secretary to Senate (via Debbie Bowman)
Report deadlines