Fellows of Senate

Dr Michael Charles Copeman

Dr Michael Copeman was a Fellow of Senate elected by and from the graduates of the University of Sydney, and served for a total of twelve years.

Dr Copeman's terms of office as a Fellow of Senate:

  • term 1: 1 December 1996 - 20 November 2001 (four years)
  • term 2: 1 December 2005 - 30 November 2009 (four years)
  • term 3: 1 December 2009 - 30 November 2013 (four years)

In his first term of office Dr Copeman was a member of Senate's Chair Appointments Committee and the Steering Group to review the role of Chancellor.


MB BS BA Sydney DPhil Oxf
Fellow of Senate, 1996 - 2001, and 2005 - 2013

Dr Copeman is a Visiting Oncologist, Northern Beaches Cancer Service Sydney, and Director, Hope Healthcare (Palliative, Rehab and Aged care Hospitals). He was a Councillor, NSW AMA (1993-1998).