Senate meetings

Decisions of Senate

15 March 2010

Senate made the following decisions at its meeting held in open session on 15 March 2010:


Emeritus Professor John Chalmers:
Senate resolved to congratulate Emeritus Professor John Chalmers on his appointment as an Officer in the Order of Merit of France.


Faculty of Economics and Business:
(1) endorsed the Academic Board’s approval of the proposal from the Faculty of Economics and Business to amend the Master of Commerce, Graduate Diploma in Commerce, Graduate Certificate in Commerce and associated combined degrees; and
(2) approved the amendment of the Resolutions of Senate related to the courses;
with effect from 1 January 2011, as set out in the report presented.

Faculty of Law:
Senate resolved:
(1) to note Professor Barbara McDonald’s comments on behalf of the Faculty in response to Mr Tom Kaldor’s email;
(2) to endorse the Academic Board’s approval of the proposal from the Faculty of Law to introduce the Juris Doctor, noting that no parallel teaching of Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor students is being approved at this stage;
(3) to approve the amendment of the Resolutions of Senate related to the Degrees and Diplomas in the Faculty of Law; and
(4) to approve the introduction of the Resolutions of Senate related to the course;
with effect from 1 January 2011, as set out in the report presented; and
(5) to request the Faculty of Law to advise Senate in six months on the following:
(a) affirming the fact that there would only be 25 local fee-paying commencing places for the first three years of the program;
(b) the Faculty’s approach to setting of minimum academic standards that would apply to Juris Doctor students;
(c) its consulting with and involving students in the final stages of the construction of the Juris Doctor;
(d) its maintaining and improving the quality and reputation of the combined Law program; and
(e) its work to lift the numbers of students from underrepresented groups in the Faculty.

Fellow of Senate - Resignation of postgraduate student Fellow:
(1) noted the report on the resignation on 16 February 2010 of Mr Sam Greenland, the postgraduate student Fellow;
(2) noted that an election to fill the casual vacancy would be held by electronic ballot on 22 April 2010; and
(3) resolved to thank Mr Greenland for his contribution as a Fellow of Senate.

Fellows of Senate - appointed by the Minister:
Senate noted that the Minister had appointed Mrs Dorothy Hoddinott AO, Mr Kevin McCann AM and Mr David Mortimer AO and had reappointed Mr Alec Brennan and Mr Alan Cameron as Fellows of Senate, and congratulated them on their appointment.


Governance of Faculties, Colleges, College Boards, Departments, Schools and Committees:
Senate approved the amendments to the Senate Resolutions relating to the Governance of Faculties, Colleges, College Boards, Departments, Schools and Committees with immediate effect, as set out in the report presented.


International House Council:
Senate resolved to appoint a member of the International House Council for the term of office specified, commencing on 1 January 2010, as follows:
Clause 7 (a)(ii) dd), One person nominated by SUIH Members Association appointed annually: Mr Alex Houseman (to 31 December 2010).


Research Misconduct - Investigation:
Senate resolved
(1) that where an allegation of misconduct is made against a former student of the University which cannot be investigated under the provisions of Chapter 8 of the By-law and which, in the opinion of the Vice-Chancellor, if proved, could adversely affect the reputation of the University, the Vice-Chancellor may initiate that process of investigation into the allegation as seems best calculated both to ensure procedural fairness to the former student and facilitate a robust finding as to the substance of the allegation; and
(2) that at the Senate meeting next following the receipt of an allegation of misconduct by a former student and a determination by the Vice-Chancellor that the allegation should be investigated, the Vice-Chancellor report to Senate on:
(a) the receipt and nature of the allegation;
(b) the procedure adopted or proposed to be adopted to investigate the allegation; and
(c) where relevant, that investigation which is to be undertaken in relation to the supervision of the former student.


Senate committees - Election of Chairs:
(1) approved the conduct of the elections for the positions of committee chairs by postal ballot; and
(2) noted a tabled nomination form for election of Chair, Building and Estates Committee; Chair, Finance and Audit Committee; Chair, Investment and Commercialisation Committee; and Chair, Safety and Risk Management Committee, with nominations due by 5.00pm on 29 March 2010.

Senate committees - Extension of existing membership:
Senate resolved that the existing Committee memberships be extended to the date when the new Committee structure is to be implemented.


University of Sydney 2009 Annual Report:
Senate resolved to approve the formal section of the 2009 Annual Report as set out in the report presented.