Fellows of Senate

Deputy Chancellor

The Deputy Chancellor is an existing Fellow of Senate who has been elected by Senate for a two year term of office to assist the Chancellor in his or her role, acting as Chancellor when required or when the Chancellor is absent from the University or can otherwise not attend to the functions of the position. Whilst acting as Chancellor, the Deputy Chancellor has the full rights and responsibilities of the Chancellor.

Current Deputy Chancellor

Mr Alec Brennan AM has been Deputy Chancellor of The University of Sydney since 5 February 2015. He has been elected for a term commencing on 5 February 2015 and concluding on 31 December 2015.

Election of Deputy Chancellor

Section 11 of the University of Sydney By-law 1999 (as amended) provides that an election to the office of Deputy Chancellor must take place at an ordinary meeting of the Senate held: (a) in February 2000, and (b) in February of every second year after that year.

Elections for Deputy Chancellor are to be held in accordance with those procedures prescribed by resolution of the Senate for election to the office of Deputy Chancellor.

The Deputy Chancellor holds office until his or her successor is elected, and is eligible for re-election.

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