The Governor of New South Wales for the time being is ex officio Visitor of the University.

1850-1855 His Excellency Sir Charles Augustus FitzRoy KCB KH
1855-1861 His Excellency Sir William Thomas Denison KCB
1861-1867 His Excellency the Right Hon Sir John Young, Bart GCMG KCB
1868-1872 His Excellency the Right Hon Somerset Richard, Earl of Belmore
1872-1879 His Excellency Sir Hercules George Robert Robinson GCMG
1879-1885 His Excellency the Right Hon Sir Augustus Loftus GCB
1885-1890 His Excellency the Right Hon Charles Robert, Baron Carrington PC GCMG
1891-1893 His Excellency the Right Hon Victor George, Earl of Jersey GCMG
1893-1895 His Excellency the Right Hon Sir Robert Duff PC GCMG
1895-1899 His Excellency the Right Hon Henry Robert, Viscount Hampden
1899-1901 His Excellency the Right Hon William Lygon, Earl Beauchamp KCMG
1902-1909 His Excellency Admiral Sir Harry Rawson GCB
1909-1913 His Excellency the Right Hon Frederick Napier, Baron Chelmsford GCMG CB 
1913-1917  His Excellency Sir Gerald Strickland, Count della Catena GCMG
1918-1923   His Excellency Sir Walter Davidson KCMG
1924-1930 His Excellency Sir Dudley de Chair KCB 
1930-1935 His Excellency Air Vice-Marshal Sir Philip Game GBE KCB DSO
1935-1936 His Excellency Sir Alexander Hore-Ruthven VC KCMG CB CMG DSO 
1936  His Excellency Admiral Sir Murray Anderson KCB KCMG MVO
1937-1946 His Excellency the Right Hon John De Vere Loder, Baron Wakehurst KCMG 
1946-1957 His Excellency Lieutenant-General Sir John Northcott KCMG KCVO CB KStJ
1957-1965 His Excellency Lieutenant-General Sir Eric Woodward KCMG KCVO CB CBE DSO 
1966-1981  His Excellency Sir Arthur Roden Cutler VC KCMG KCVO CBE KStJ 
1981-1989 His Excellency Air Marshal Sir James Rowland KBE DFC AFC KStJ
1989-1990 His Excellency Rear Admiral Sir David Martin KCMG AO
1990-1996 His Excellency Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair AO 
1996-2001 His Excellency the Honourable Gordon Samuels AC
2001– Her Excellency Professor Marie Roslyn Bashir AC CVO