Chairs of the Professorial and Academic Boards

From 1852 to 1887 there were various antecedents of the Professorial Board and these were normally chaired by the Senior Professor or Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

The Professorial Board was established in 1887 and dissolved on 17 June 1975 when the Academic Board was established.

The title of the presiding member was amended from "Chairman" to "Chair" in 1992.

Professorial Board

– Chairmen:
1852-1887 The Chairman of the various antecedents of the Professorial Board prior to 1887
was normally the Senior Professor or Dean of the Faculty of Arts. 
1887 Professor Thomas P Anderson Stuart, MD HonLLD Edin DSc Sydney (Chairman)
Professor Theodore T Gurney, MA Camb
1889 Professor William J Stephens, MA Oxf HonLLD Edin DSc
1890 Professor Richard Threlfall, MA Camb 
1891 Professor Archibald Liversidge, MA Camb LLD Glas, FRS 
Professor William H Warren MInstCE LLD
1893  Professor William A Haswell, MA DSc Edin, FRS
1894 Sir Mungo W MacCallum KCSG, MA Glas HonDLitt Oxf LLD 
Professor James T Wilson, MB ChM Edin MA, FRS
1896 Professor Francis Anderson, MA Glas 
1897  Professor George Arnold Wood, BA Vic MA Oxf 
1898  Professor Thomas J Butler, BA Sydney
Professor Tannatt W Edgeworth David KBE CMG, MA DSc Oxf, FRS
1900  Professor William Pitt Cobbett, MA DCL Oxf
1925-1933  Professor John B Peden,  BA LLB Sydney, MLC
1934-1941 Professor Richard C Mills,  LLM Melb DSc(Econ) Lond
1942-1944 Professor Edwin Ashby, DSc DIC Lond, ARCS
1945-1946 Professor Steven H Roberts, MA LittD Melb DSc(Econ) Lond
1947-1949 Professor John P V Madsen, BSc BE Sydney DSc Adel, FAA
Professor Arthur Dale Trendall, MA Camb LittD MA NZ, FSA
Professor Christopher R McRae, MA DipEd Melb PhD Lond
Professor William M O’Neil, MA DipEd Sydney
1959-1961 Professor Alexander G Mitchell, MA Sydney PhD Lond
1965-1969 Professor Jack L Still, BSc Sydney PhD Camb 
1970-1973 Professor Michael G Taylor, MD BS Adel PhD Lond, MRACP
1974 Professor Donald W George, BSc BE PhD Sydney, FIEE FIEAust FIMechE AAIP 
1974-1975 Professor John M Ward, MA LLB Sydney, FAHA FASSA FRAHS
1974-1975 Professor Michael G Pitman,  MA PhD Camb

Academic Board

– Chairmen: 
1975-1977 Professor John M Ward, MA LLB Sydney, FAHA FASSA FRAHS 
1978-1981 Professor Denison Campbell-Allen, MA Camb, FICE FIEAust MRAeS AMIArb 
1982-1985 Professor Neville Collis-George,  MSc Manc PhD Camb HonDScAg
1986-1987  John G Mackinolty, LLM Melb
1988-1991  Professor Samuel Ball,  BA MEd Sydney PhD Iowa, FAPA
1991  Professor John M Mack,  BSc PhD Sydney MA Camb, FIMA

– Chairs:
1992-1997 Professor John M Mack, BSc PhD Sydney MA Camb, FIMA  
1997-1999 Professor Roslyn E Pesman, BA Sydney PhD Lond  
1999-2001 Professor Lawrence E Cram, BSc BE PhD Sydney 
2001-2004 Professor Judyth Sachs, BA PhD Qld MA WMich 
2004-2005 Professor John P Carter, BE PhD DEng Sydney, MASCE FIEAust CPEng 
2006 Associate Professor Anthony J Masters, BSc Melb PhD ANU, FRACI CChem (Acting)  
2006-2009 Professor Bruce Sutton, BAgrSc Qld PhD ANU  
2009– Associate Professor Peter McCallum, BMus Dunelm MMus London PhD Sydney DSCM