From Accountants through to CFOs

Accountants, 1855-1991

Initially part-time, the position of Accountant became a permanent position in 1887. When the position of Bursar was created in 1982, the Accountant's title became Associate Bursar and Accountant until 1991.

1855-1859 James E Graham (part-time appointment)
1861-1881 William Clark (part-time appointment)
1882-1886 Patrick James Clark (brother of William Clark, part-time appointment) 
1887-1922 Robert Ambrose Dallen, OBE, FIIA (Chief Clerk and Accountant - the University's first permanent Accountant) 
1922-1948 Henry Mayo de la Poer Beresford (Accountant 1922–1947 and Treasurer from 14 April
1947 to 3 January 1948) 
1947-1964 Jack Clarence Bongers, FASA (Accountant)
1964-1965 Colin Arthur McClenahan, BEc, FASA (Accountant) 
1965-1972 Donald Frederick Nicholls, BEc, AASA (Accountant) 
1972-1982 Kevin Alan Shorten, FASA (Accountant)
1982-1985 Ian Alastair Ramage, BEc, FASA FCIS (Accountant; and from 1985 Associate Bursar and Accountant)
1985-1991  Desmond Thomas McCammon, FASA CPA FAIM ACANZ (Associate Bursar and Accountant)

Bursars, 1982-1993

1982-1991  Stephen Barry Morgan Harrison, MEc (Bursar to 1986 when the title changed to Deputy Principal and Bursar) 
1991-1993 Keith Lynden Jennings, BA MEd Sydney (Acting Deputy Principal and Bursar) 

Directors, Finance, 1991-1993

1991-1993  Brian Young, MSc(Management Services) Durh BCom UNSW, CPA ASIA

Heads, Financial Services Division, 1994

1994             Paul W Slater, BEc, FCPA FCIS FCIM

Deputy Principals, Financial Services, 1994-1999

1994-1999  Paul W Slater, BEc, FCPA FCIS FCIM

Directors, Financial Services, 1999-2003

1999-2003  Paul W Slater, BEc, FCPA FCIS FCIM

Chief Financial Officers, 2002-2006, 2008 –

The position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) initially existed from 2002 to 2006, when it was replaced by that of Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Reactivated in 2008, it became the senior position in 2009 when that of COO ceased. The CFO reports to the Vice-Chancellor.

2002-2006 Borislav (Bob) Kotic, BBus(Acc) NSWIT MEc Macquarie, FCPA
2008– Mark Easson, BCom MBA UQ, ACA

Chief Operating Officers, 2006-2009

2006-2009 Borislav (Bob) Kotic, BBus(Acc) NSWIT MEc Macquarie, FCPA