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Minutes of the first Senate meeting, 3 February 1851

A Circular having been addressed to the Fellows of the Senate of the University of Sydney by the Honorable the Colonial Secretary, requesting their attendance at the Chambers of the Speaker of the Legislative Council on the 3rd of February, 1851, at 12 o'clock at Noon, - to take initiatory proceedings in connexion with the establishment of the University, - the following Fellows attended accordingly.

  • The Reverend Willian Binnington Boyce.
  • Stuart Alexander Donaldson Esq.
  • The Right Reverend Charles Henry Davis.
  • Francis Lewis Shaw Merewether Esq.
  • Charles Nicholson Esq.
  • Bartholomew 0' Brien Esq.
  • The Honorable John Huberl Plunkett Esq.
  • The Reverend william Purves.
  • His Honor Roger Therry Esq.
  • The Honorable Edward Deas Thomson Esq.
  • William Charles Wentworth Esq.

On the motion of Charles Nicholson Esq. William Charles Wentworth Esq. was called to the Chair.

1. A letter was read, addressed to tbe Colonial Secretary from D. A. Mackaen Esq. Doctor of Philology, tendering his Services to the University. Dr. Mackaen's pretensions were supported by letters from His Honor Sir Alfred Stephen, Chief Justice, and Mr. Justice Dickinson, which were also read.

2. A Memorial from certain qualified Members of the Medical Profession complaining that the Medical Profession was not adequately represented in the Senate, was presented by the Honorable Edward Deas Thomson Esq, (to whom it was addressed as Colonial Secretary) and read.

3. It was then resolved, That at the next Meeting the Fellows do enter upon the consideration of the following matters, (Viz:) -

  1. To determine the period for which the Provost shall be appointed.
  2. To elect a Provost and Vice Provost.
  3. To consider what Officer or Officers are required for the due transaction of the general business of the Senate.
  4. To adopt a Corporate Seal.
  5. To appoint a Committee to prepare By-laws for the general business of the Senate.
  6. To consider the mode in which the Financial Department of the University shall be conducted.
  7. To determine the place for the future Meetings of the Senate.

Mr. Wentworth having undertaken to Write a Circular to the Fellows severally informing them of the busines to be brought forward at the next meeting, the Senate thereupon adjourned till 12 o'clock on Monday the 3rd day of March next.

(Signed) W. C. WENTWORTH