University anniversaries

Jubilee celebrations 1902

Annual ball of the University Sports Union, 2 October 1902

More than 800 guests attended the annual Sydney University Sports Union Ball, held in conjunction with the Jubilee celebrations, during the evening of Thursday 2 October 1902.

The Sydney University Sports Union Ball

The Sydney University Sports Union Ball, image, 'Australian Town and Country Journal', 8 October 1902.

The Town Hall was decorated for the occasion with palms, greenery, flags of all nations and the colours of St Paul's, St John's, and St Andrew's Colleges.

The dais, which was placed under the southern gallery, was draped in the colours of the Sports Union, and round the foot of the stage were grouped large mirrors, wreathed in fresh greenery.

The Vice-Regal party arrived at 9 pm, and were met and welcomed by the executive committee. The Vice-Regal set of Lancers was then formed. The State Governor danced with Lady MacLaurin, Lady Rawson and Sir G Clark, the Mayor (Mr F Hughes) and Mrs James Hay, Lady Clark and Mrs A H Simpson, Mr Pitt and Miss Rawson, Mrs Barff and Mr James Hay, Brigadier-General Finn and Mrs T Hughes, Mrs Pinn and Slr S Griffith.

Supper was served about 11 pm, the supper-room and tables decorated with the various college colours.

The hon secretaries, Mr Pitt and Mr Brown, were warmly congratulated on the success of the ball, which was mainly due to their exertions.