University anniversaries

Jubilee celebrations 1902

Banquet for the delegates, 30 September 1902

Following the Reception of guests and presentation of addresses on 30 September 1902, in the evening the visitors to the University were entertained at a dinner given by members of Convocation in the ABC cafe in Shadier's Rooms.

There was a large assemblage, comprising many gentlemen distinguished in political, social and academic circles. The Chancellor of the University presided, and among those present, in addition to the visiting delegates, were: His Excellency Rear-Admiral Sir Lewis Beaumont, K.C.M.G.; the Right Hon. Sir Samuel Griffith, G.C.M.G.; the Hon. B. R. Wise, B.A., Attorney-General of N.S.W.; the Members of the Senate and Professors, and most of the Teaching Staff of the University, together with a large number of members of Convocation.

The toast of " The King " was honoured with enthusiasm.

The following toasts were then made and responded to:

  • the Governor-General
  • the Prime Minister
  • the Governor and the State
  • the Navy and Army
  • the Ministry and Parliament
  • the Universities
  • the Chairman