University anniversaries

Jubilee celebrations 1902

Regatta, 4 October 1902

The jubilee celebrations were brought to a close on the afternoon of 4 October 1902 with the Invitation Regatta held on the Lane Cove River by the Sydney University Boating Club.

Sydney University Boating Club 1902

The members of the Sydney University Boating Club who competed (unsuccessfully) in the Inter-University Boat race in Adelaide in 1902, photo, 'Hermes' Jubilee issue 1902.

Scenes from the Regatta

Scenes from the Regatta, image, 'Australian Town and Country Journal', 8 October 1902.

The grounds of St Ignatius College had been placed for the occasion at the disposal of the University. Two large refreshment marquees had been erected.

Thousands of spectators watched the proceedings with interest, and amusement. The visitors were received by the Rev T Gartlan SJ, rector of St Ignatius' College.

During the afternoon there were present the State Governor, Sir Harry Rawson; the Governor of Victoria, Sir George Clarke; His Excellency Vice-Admiral Sir L Beaumont, Sir Samuel Griffith, Judge Backhouse, Mr R R P Hickson, Captain Bird, Mr E W O'Sullivan, Mr Q L Deloitte, President of the Rowing Association, and Mr G E Upward.

Mr Deloitte was umpire, Mr K F Giltinan starter, and Mr J. Degotardi judge. The regatta committee, Messrs C H Helsham, A G Purvey, H O Lethbridge, J G W Hill, and A G de L Arnold, worked hard to make the carnival a success, and their efforts were well rewarded.

A good program of music was provided during the afternoon by the band of N T S Sobraon.

Maiden Fours race

The first race on the program was that of the Maiden Fours. Four crews - University Boat Club, Leichhardt RC, Glebe RC, and Balmain RC - took part.

The University Boat Club won the maiden fours race from Glebe, Balmain, and Leichhardt Clubs.

Sobraon Boys' Race

Five crews started in the Sobraon Boys' Race, and pulled enthusiastically, but steered erratic courses.

Fouls were the result, and two of the boats stuck on a mudbank.

The race was won by No. 5 cutter.

Exhibition of Eight-Oar Rowing

Seven crews competed in the Exhibition of Eight-Oar Rowing.

Mr Upward, who had come from Melbourne to judge this event, awarded the first place to the Glebe Rowing Club champion crew, and Mercantile and Leichhardt champion crews close up, on equal terms for second honours.

Inter-Faculty four-oared race

A condition of the Inter-Faculty race was that the crews should appear in appropriate costume, a prize being offered for the most original "turn out."

The Medical quartette appeared as skeletons, with a little demon coxswain, surrounded with sulphur-fumes, while a large box labelled "Pills" graced the bow.

The Arts crew represented armed aboriginals.

Law was symbolised by four Mephistophelian figures, steered by Justice.

Engineering was represented by a crew of Lascars, with a miniature boiler and engine in the bow.

The result of the race was as follows: - Law 1, Medicine 2, Engineering 3 and Arts 4.

Sir Samuel Griffith acted as judge in this event.

The prize for best turn out was won by Law, with Medicine close up. This was a well worked-up contest, and proved a most attractive item of the program.

The Inter-Faculty racers were not the only crews which adopted fancy dress. A number of comical figures were disporting themselves about the course, and enlivening the proceedings by their antics.