Universary anniversaries

Jubilee celebrations 1902

Smoke concert, 3 October 1902

The Smoke Concert given in the Great Hall in the evening of 3 October 1902 by the Undergraduates' Association was well attended. Mr S A Smith, president of the association, was in the chair, and most of the visiting delegates were present.

A programme of vocal music was carried out. Among those who to the musical portion of the programme were Messrs W Clarke, D McClure and W Walsh.

The toast of "The University" was proposed by Professor Bensley, who paid a high tribute to the University of Sydney but who mentioned the fact that he came from Trinity, which had produced the present Premier of England, the present Leader of the Opposition and the Speaker of the House of Commons. (Loud cheers)

The toast was duly acknowledged by Professor David.

The President proposed the toast of "The Visitors" to which M Le Goupils made reply.

The proceedings were characterised by enthusiasm and the remainder of the evening was spent in harmony.