University anniversaries

Centenary 1950-1952

The University of Sydney Centenary celebrations, which commenced in 1950, commemorated various important phases in the foundation of the University.

Parliament's resolution of congratulation, 10 October 1950

The Senate of the University of Sydney attended Parliament House on 10 October 1950, at the invitation of the Honourables the President and Speaker, to hear the debate in the Legislative Assembly, and later in the Legislative Council, upon a resolution of congratulation which was adopted by each House in simliar terms, to mark the centenary of the University.

— The Legislative Assembly's resolution of congratulation

The following resolution of congratulation was agreed to unanimously by the Legislative Assembly:

  1. That this House offers its cordial congratulations to the Senate of the University of Sydney on the occasion of the celebration of the Centenary of that institution, and records its admiration of the splendid achievements of the University in all branches of learning and culture since its foundation in 1850, and appreciation of the services of past and present members of the
    Senate and Staff and of those who, by their benefactions, have so materially contributed to the welfare and advancement of higher education in this State.
  2. That the foregoing resolution be communicated by Mr. Speaker to the Chancellor of the University.

The Speaker then handed to the Chancellor a copy of the resolution, and the Chancellor, having made his acknowledgments to Mr Speaker, withdrew from the Chamber.

Members of the Senate were then entertained by Mr Speaker in his rooms.

— The Legislative Council's resolution of congratulation

At 4.45 p.m. the Chancellor, accompanied by members of the Senate, proceeded to the Legislative Council, where they were shown to seats behind the President's chair. The Chancellor was then escorted to the chair provided for him on the right of the President on the dais.

The Hon R R Downing MLC (Minister of Justice, Vice-President of the Executive Council and Representative of the Government in the Legislative Council) proposed the same motion of congratulation.

The resolution of congratulation in the Legislative Council.

The Chancellor Sir Charles Bickerton Blackburn and members of Senate receiving the resoluton of congratulation in the Legislative Council. The Hon R R Downing MLC is proposing the motion, photo, courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald, in The Gazette, October 1950, University of Sydney Archives.

The resolution of congratulation was agreed to unanimously by the Legislative Council. The Chancellor then made his acknowledgments to the House.

On the adjournment of the House the Senate retired to the President's room, where they were entertained.