University anniversaries

Centenary 1950-1952

Special Senate meeting, 5 February 1951

The University of Sydney Centenary celebrations commenced in 1950 and commemorated various important phases in the foundation of the University.

A Special Senate meeting was held at 3.45pm on Monday 5 February 1951 in the Senate Room at the University of Sydney in celebration of the first Senate meeting held on 3 February 1851.

Sydney Morning Herald photos, copies held by the University of Sydney Archives. Click on photos for enargement.


Opening the Special Meeting of Senate
Senate Room "top table"
Senate Room "top table"

Seated from left to right are Deputy Chancellor the Hon Mr Justice Roper; His Excellency the Governor of New South Wales, Lieutenant-General Sir John Northcott; Chancellor Sir Charles Bickerton Blackburn opening the Special Meeting of Senate; the Hon K W Street, Chief Justice of New South Wales; and Vice-Chancellor Emeritus Professor S H Roberts ... read the Chancellor's words.

Proposing the Resolution of Congratulation
The Right Hon Dr H V Evatt

The Right Hon Dr H V Evatt proposing the Resolution of Congratulation... read the Resolution of Congratulation.

Seconding the Resolution of Congratulation
Dr C G McDonald

Dr C G McDonald seconding the Resolution of Congratulation ... read his words.