University anniversaries

Sesquicentenary 1999-2002

Sesquicentenary Senate Dinner, 3 February 2001

The University of Sydney Sesquicentenary celebrations commenced in 1999 and commemorated various important phases in the foundation of the University.

As part of the University of Sydney's Sesquicentenary celebrations, a formal dinner was held on 3 February 2001 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first meeting of Senate on 3 February 1851.

Photographs are courtesy of the University's Development Office. Click on images for enlargement.


All guests

All guests.

Drinks in the Quadrangle

First, drinks and canapes in the Quadrangle.

The formal dinner in the Great Hall

Then the formal dinner in the Great Hall.

Professor Gavin Brown
Professor Gavin Brown

Welcome by Vice-Chancellor and Principal Professor Gavin Brown.

Chief Justice Murray Gleeson

Guest Speaker, The Hon Murray Gleeson AC, Chief Justice of Australia.

Listening to the speaker

Listening to the Guest Speaker, from left to right: Mrs Margaret Whitlam, Mrs Georgina Sanroque, the Hon Gough Whitlam (Fellow of Senate 1981-1983 and 1986-1989) and the Hon Bill Wentworth.


Vote of Thanks by Chancellor, Emeritus Professor Dame Leonie Kramer AC DBE.

Fellows of Senate

Fellows of Senate on 3 February 2001 - Front row from left to right: Daphne Kok, Dr Ken Macnab, Chancellor Dame Leonie Kramer, Suzanne Jamieson and Dr Robin Fitzsimons; Second row from left to right: Valerie Pratt, Deputy Chancellor Renata Kaldor and Jenny Beatson; Back row from left to right: Andrew Charlton, Dr Gavan Butler, David Hoare, Vice-Chancellor Professor Gavin Brown, the Hon John Hatzistergos, Kevin Greene, Professor Steven Leeder, Professor Lawrence Cram and John McCarthy.

Fellows of Senate

Front from left to right: Jan O'Reilly (Fellow 1991-1995) and Betty Johnson (Fellow 1984-1991); back from left to right: Jacquie Stratford (Fellow 1995-1997) and Jenny Beatson (Fellow 1997-2001).

Dame Leonie Kramer with The Hon Bill Wentworth

The Hon Bill Wentworth, descendant of William Charles Wentworth, with Chancellor Dame Leonie Kramer.

Lady Black and Dame Leonie Kramer

Lady Black, widow of Sir Hermann Black (Fellow 1949-1990 and Chancellor 1970 - 1990), and Chancellor Dame Leonie Kramer.

Professor Stephen Leeder

Professor Stephen Leeder (Fellow 1995-2002) and Ms Kathy Esson.

John McCarthy and Renata Kaldor

John McCarthy (Fellow 1995-) and Deputy Chancellor Renata Kaldor (Fellow 1989-2003 and Deputy Chancellor 2000 - 2003).

The Hon John Hatzistergos, John McCarthy & Kevin Greene

The Hon John Hatzistergos (Fellow 1999-2003), John McCarthy and Kevin Greene (Fellow 1999-2003).

Mrs Marita Ball & Professor Sam Ball

Mrs Marita Ball and Professor Sam Ball (Fellow 1988-1991).

Andrew Charlton, John McCarthy & Dr Gavan Butler

Andrew Charlton (Fellow 1999-2001), John McCarthy and Dr Gavan Butler (Fellow 1997-2003).

Professor Stuart Rees & Marette Corby

Professor Stuart Rees (Fellow 1993-1997) and Marette Corby (Fellow 1995-1996).

Dr Amy McGrath & the Hon Frank McGrath

Dr Amy McGrath (Fellow 1987-1989) and the Hon Frank McGrath.

Dr John G Watson & Professor John Glastonbury

Dr John G Watson (Fellow 1949-1955) and Dr John Glastonbury (Fellow 1988-1993 and 1994-1995).