Honorary awards

The University of Sydney recognises

  • exceptional achievement by conferring an honorary degree.
  • outstanding service to the University by awarding the title of Honorary Fellow of the University.

Conferring ceremonies in 2013

The ceremonies in 2013 at which honorary awards have been conferred are listed below.

Updated 13 December 2013

10 May 2013

Mrs Patricia Ritchie AMHonorary Fellow of the University for her contribution to the academic activities of the Faculty of Medicine at its Northern Clinical School through her crucial fund-raising role in the appointment of senior academic clinicians
Conferring ceremony: conferred posthumously at 11.30am, 10 May 2013, Faculty of Medicine

Emeritus Professor Ann Sefton AO, BSc(Med) MB BS PhD DSc SydneyHonorary Fellow, for her major contribution to medical education, particularly in the area of reform and the development of a graduate medical program, and to physiology and research in the field of neuroscience, and for her service as Chair of the Academic Forum (1998-2000), a Fellow of Senate (2001-2009), Pro-Chancellor (2003) and Deputy Chancellor (2004-08)
Conferring ceremony: 9.30am, 10 May 2013, Faculty of Medicine

11 October 2013

David Marr, BA LLB Sydney DLitt NewcastleHonorary Doctor of Letters
David Marr is a journalist, biographer and commentator on political and social issues who has received numerous awards for his journalism and written a number of highly acclaimed books.
Conferring ceremony: 11.30am, 11 October 2013, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Professor Ross Garnaut AO, BA PhD HonDLitt ANU, FASSA – Honorary Doctor of Science in Economics
Professor Garnaut is a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow and a Professorial Fellow in Economics at the University of Melbourne and a Distinguished Professor of Economics at the Australian National University, as well as longstanding and successful roles as policy advisor, diplomat and businessman
Conferring ceremony: 2.00pm, 11 October 2013, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

8 November 2013

Dr Henry Maurice Saxby AM, MEd Sydney PhD UTSHonorary Doctor of Letters
Dr Saxby is an influential figure in the fields of Australian Children’s Literature and children’s writing.
Conferring ceremony: 11.30am, 8 November 2013, Faculty of Education and Social Work

27 November 2013

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi ACHonorary Doctor of Laws
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Special ceremony: 27 November 2013 in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House

29 November 2013

Marion Rose ScrymgourHonorary Doctor of Health Science
Committed to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and self determination, Ms Scrymgour was the first indigenous woman to be elected to the Northern Territory Parliament and Australia’s first indigenous female cabinet minister.
Conferring ceremony: 9.30am, 29 November 2013, Faculty of Health Sciences

13 December 2013

Greg Poche AOHonorary Doctor of Letters
Greg Poche is a visionary leader who has made a farsighted commitment to, and support of, Indigenous Australians. His approach to understanding and dealing with the health problems of Indigenous communities has been insightful and creative and he conceptualised how the Centre for Indigenous Health would function.
Conferring ceremony: 11.30am, 13 December 2013, Faculty of Medicine

Reginald J Richardson AMHonorary Fellow of the University
Mr Richardson is a Sydney businessman who is involved with a number of philanthropic organisations and who has particular success in fund-raising for these organisations which include the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health at the University of Sydney. He also serves on advisory committees of Indigenous Health at the University.
Conferring ceremony: 11.30am, 13 December 2013, Faculty of Medicine

Associate Professor David Hutchins OAM, BVSc Sydney, FANZCVSc – Honorary Doctor of Veterinary Science
David Hutchins retired from the University of Sydney in 1990 and then worked as an eminent and highly respected veterinary consultant at the Randwick Equine Centre.
Conferring ceremony: 2.00pm, 13 December 2013, Faculty of Veterinary Science

Dr John William Copland AO, BVSc PhD Sydney MSc(Fisheries) StirlingHonorary Doctor of Veterinary Science
Dr Copland is a veterinary scientist who has played a key role in promoting the health, welfare and productivity of production animals through leadership roles in Australia and in the South East Asian region.
Conferring ceremony: 4.00pm, 13 December 2013, Faculty of Veterinary Science