The Quadrangle


Photos are courtesy of the University Secretariat unless otherwise indicated. Click on images for enlargement.

In the Great Hall

Marble statues of John Henry Challis and William Charles Wentworth:

There are marble statues of John Henry Challis and William Charles Wentworth near the entrance to the Great Hall.

Statues of John Henry Challis and William Charles Wentworth

Left: The statues of John Henry Challis (left) and William Charles Wentworth (right) in the Great Hall at the inauguration of Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence on 22 July 2008, photo, copyright Nuran Zorlu.

Statue of William Charles Wentworth:
The statue of William Charles Wentworth is located near the front entrance of the Great Hall. Made by Tenerani of Rome, a rising sculptor in Italy, the statue is of a greyish Carrara marble, between seven and eight feet high, and stands on a marble Çedettal three or four feet from the ground. The figure represents Wentworth in the act of addressing a public assemblage. Below the right arm is a short pedestal upon which some papers are lying.

William Charles Wentworth
W C Wentworth

From left: Two photos of the statue of W C Wentworth, the one on the right is courtesy, University Archives.

Statue of John Henry Challis
A life-size marble statue of John Henry Challis by sculptor Achille Simonetti stands in the Great Hall near the front entrance, opposite to that of W C Wentworth.

John Henry Challis
John Henry Challis

Above from left: Photo of the statue of John Henry Challis; and photo nla.pic-an23478473-v, taken in the 1940s by Frank Hurley, courtesy of the National Library of Australia.

— Marble busts of Arthur Renwick, Peter Nicol Russell, William Montagu Manning and Edward Deas Thomson:

There are four marble busts in the Great Hall of of Arthur Renwick, Peter Nicol Russell, William Montagu Manning and Edward Deas Thomson.

The four busts
The bust of Edward Deas Thomson

Above from left: The four busts on the Great Hall dais at the farewell address of retiring Vice-Chancellor Professor Gavin Brown AO on 20 June 2008; and the bust of Edward Deas Thomson at Dr Spence's inauguration on 22 July 2008, photos, copyright Nuran Zorlu.

Arthur Renwick (Vice-Chancellor 1889 - 1891, 1900 - 1902, 1906 - 1908):

Arthur Renwick

The bust of Arthur Renwick is by Achille Simonetti and was presented by Lady (Elizabeth) Renwick in 1912.

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Sir Peter Nicol Russell (whose endowments of 1896 and 1904 established Engineering at the University):

Peter Nicol Russell

The bust of Peter Nicol Russell is by C B Benzoni and was presented to the University by Mrs (later Dame Charlotte) Russell in 1898.

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Sir William Montagu Manning (Chancellor 1878 - 1895):

William Montagu Manning

The bust of William Montagu Manning is by French sculptor Emile Leysalle was paid for by public subscription and unveiled on 6 April 1895.

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Sir Edward Deas Thomson (Vice-Chancellor 1863 - 1865 and Chancellor 1865 - 1878):

Edward Deas Thomson

The bust in white marble of Edward Deas Thomson is by Odoardo Fantacchiotti of Florence was paid for by public subscription in honour of Deas Thomson's service to the colony and to the University. At the back are the words " Odoardo Fantacchiotti faceva in Firenzc, 1'anno 1855."

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Library Room

The Library Room in the 1900s, before its conversion to the Senate Room, photo, University of Sydney Archives. The bust of Edward Deas Thomson was originally located in this room before being moved to the Great Hall.

Outside the Great Hall

Sculptures of a male and a female figure:

Artist Lloyd Rees commissioned sculptor Tom Bass to fill the empty niches on the eastern wall of the Great Hall. In 1984, a male and female figure - finished in reconstituted stone and representing the youth of the University - were unveiled.

Sculpture of a female figure
Sculpture of a male figure

Above from left: The sculptures by Tom Bass of a female figure and a male figure on the front of the Great Hall.

In the Vice-Chancellor's Courtyard

Two statues of Mercury and Fortuna were added to the garden in 1952. These had previously stood on the parapet of a row of shops on George Street West and were acquired for the University by Allan Gamble, the University's public relations officer, a noted architect and artist, when the shops were to be demolished. The statues, both signed 'Jean Bologne' are probably French copies of the work of the Italian Renaissance sculptor Giovanni Bologna and were auctioned in Sydney by Lawsons in December 1887 as part of a sale of works of art from Irish country houses.

The statue of Fortuna
The statue of Mercury

These photos of the statues of Fortuna and Mercury are copyright David White.

The third bronze sculpture in the courtyard is a copy of the 1989 bronze entitled "Horse" (pictured below) and was a gift of the artist Shona Nunan in 1992.

A copy of the 1989 bronze entitled "Horse"