About Senate

Secretary to Senate

In general, the role of Secretary to Senate has historically been part of the position of Registrar of the University of Sydney. However, since 2008 a separate position of Secretary to Senate was created.

The Secretary to Senate:

  • acts as a secretary at all meetings of the Senate.
  • is responsible for issuing notices for all meetings of the Senate and keeping minutes of the proceedings of Senate.
  • provides support to the University Secretariat in the provision of material to the Senate.
  • acts as Returning Officer for Senate elections.
  • is responsible for the conduct of elections for: (a) the Chancellor, the Deputy Chancellor and the Chair of the Finance Committee; (b) any of the standing or ad hoc committees of the Senate; and (c) the Fellow appointed by the Senate.
  • or nominee, acts as secretary to the Academic Board.
  • or nominee, acts as Returning Officer for all other elections.
  • is Secretary to the Nominations and Appointments Committee.