Senate meetings

Presentations to Senate

The following information is for the assistance of senior officers making presentations to the Senate meeting:

2011 schedule of presentations

Senate meeting              Presentation on            Given by Paper for Senate due by
7 February - - -
21 March Finance CFO 10 March
2 May Education DVC (Education) 21 April
27 June Research DVC (Research) 17 June
1 August Development Director, Development 21 July
19 September International DVC (International) 8 September
31 October Budget VC 20 October
5 December Human Resources Director, Human Resources 24 November

Guidelines for presenters

venue Conference Room, Darlington Centre
time 3.30pm (in confidential session)
  • Fellows wish to receive a one page summary of the presentation
  • paperwork for the presentation is included with the Senate agenda papers normally sent to Fellows on the Monday before the meeting

20 minutes for the presentation, questions and answers

at the meeting

presenters should work on the basis that Fellows have read the paper provided by the presenter