Students at the University of Sydney

Students and World War 1

Fete, 13 September 1916

"There was a festive scene at the Sydney University yesterday (13 September 1916) on the occasion of the cafe chantant organised by the women students in aid of the War Chest and of the fund for providing Christmas comforts for soldiers. Professors, graduates, undergraduates in their caps and gowns, and hosts of their friends thronged the quadrangle and made high holiday. Each faculty had an attractively arranged stall, these being picturesquely grouped and surrounded by side-shows, of which one of the most popular consisted in "pulling the Kaiser's nose," an operation that produced a squeak from the figure and much merriment on the part of the spectators. There was plenty of fun for old and young, and from every point of view the function was a great success. The fete was opened by Lady Cullen, wife of the Chancellor of the University, who eulogised the splendid work that had been done by women in connection with the war. Mr. H. E. Barff, the registrar, mentioned in the course of a few remarks made in explanation of the objects of the fete, that 1100 who had been students of the University were on active service, together with 40 members of the teaching staff, and of that number 59 had fallen. A vote of thanks to Lady Cullen was carried by acclamation on the motion of Professor MacCallum. The band of the 35th Infantry, under Sergeant V. French, rendered selections." SMH, 14 September 1916

The photographs below are by photographer Ellice E P Dart (nee Hamilton) and are courtesy of the Macleay Museum, University of Sydney: