Students at the University of Sydney

Commem Days in the 1970s



Commem Day, Wednesday 6 May 1970:
– a cornucopia of flour and detergent. Captain George Chook's return to Sydney by Manly ferry was climaxed by a meeting with civic dignatories in Hyde Park. In the Domain at noon, students covered themselves with over 1,000 pounds of flour. Then eggs rained down a little later on the students' whitened ghoulish faces. In Australia Square, students poured detergent into the fountain, with the huge harvest of foam distributed liberally through the crowd and over the uniform of the Square's superintendent. The collection for the Drug Referral Centre yielded around $15,000 and some 110,000 copies of "Honi Soit" were sold. Commem Day 1970 was rated by student leaders as the best in four years.
(SMH, 7 May 1970)


Commem Day, Monday 3 May 1971


Commem Day, Wednesday 3 May 1972:
– activities included a flour fight, sheep shearing in Martin Plaza, a Hyde Park derby and a stool race in Hyde Park. Four students were charged with trespassing during an alleged "pantie raid" on the Nurses' Home at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. At least $10,000 was raised for Windgap school for the handicapped and the Aboriginal Medical Service (SMH, 4 May 1972).


Commem Day advertisement, 1972, courtesy, Honi Soit.


The students' final Commem Day was held in 1975.