Students at the University of Sydney

Students in the early years

This webpage provides brief information and photos about the beginnings / establishment of the faculties of the University of Sydney and their early students and graduates.

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EARLY STUDENTS                                              from        Faculty established  Update
at the University 1852    
in Agriculture 1910 1920 now Faculty of Agriculture & Environment
in Architecture 1884 1920 now Faculty of Architecture, Design
& Planning
in Arts  1852 1852 now Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
in colleges 1857    
in Dentistry 1901 1920  
in Economics 1903 1920 became Faculty of Economics &
Business. Now the University of Sydney Business School
in Education 1900 1986 now Faculty of Education & Social
in Engineering    1883 1920 now Faculty of Engineering & Information Technologies
in Law 1856 1890 now Sydney Law School
in Medicine 1856 1883 now Sydney Medical School
in Pharmacy 1883 2000  
in Science 1852 1882  
in Veterinary Science  1909 1920  

Update: The following additional faculties arose from amalgamations in the 1990s:

  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Nursing (became Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery; now Sydney Nursing School))
  • Sydney College of the Arts
  • Sydney Conservatorium of Music