Students at the University of Sydney


1852: the first University of Sydney matriculation examination

1852: the first students (male) admitted

1852: the first lectures (in the building previously known as Sydney College (now Sydney Grammar School))

1854: St Pauls' College established by an Act of Parliament

1856: the first University of Sydney graduation ceremony

1857: the first lectures in the (unfinished) Quadrangle

1857: the first graduation in the Great Hall (also its official opening)

1858: St John's College established by an Act of Parliament

1867: St Andrew's College established by an Act of Parliament

1881: Senate's unanimous decision to allow the admission of women

1882: the first female students

1885: the first female graduates

1888: Student Commemoration Days began

1890: Sydney University Sports Union (SUSU) established

1889: Women's College established and endowed by an Act of the NSW Parliament

1889: Sydney University Drama Society (SUDS) began

1900: the Evening Students’ Association established

1910: the Sydney University Women’s Sports Association (SUWSA) began

1912: the Union Building (for the Men's Student Union) built

1917: Wesley College opened

1917: Manning House (for the Women's Union) opened

1925: Sancta Sophia College founded

1928: the Students' Representative Council established

1929: Honi Soit commenced publication

1936: the first student representation on Senate (a graduate of the University elected to represent undergraduates)

1964: W A Selle Student House built

1967: Stage 1 of the Women’s Sports Centre completed

1970: SUPRA founded

early 1970s: Noel Martin Recreation Centre built

1972: the Men's and the Women's unions amalgamated into a single body, the University of Sydney Union

1972: the first stage of the Wentworth Building completed

1973: the first Fellows of Senate elected by and from the students of the University

1974: University fees abolished by the Federal Government

1974: a liquor bar opened in Manning House in the Blackburn Extension (known as the Manning Bar)

1975: the final official Students' Commem Day

1990: University fees reintroduced in the form of the Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS)

1990: the University became active in seeking to recruit full-fee paying overseas students

2003: SUSU and SUWSA amalgamated to form Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness

2005: University fees were deregulated, permitting universities to increase fees by up to 25%

2006: VSU introduced by the Commonwealth government

2007: HECS places became known as Commonwealth supported places

2008: the new hub of student services was housed in the Jane Foss Russell Building