Fellows of Senate

Professor Robert van Krieken

Professor Robert van Krieken is a Fellow of Senate elected by and from the academic staff of the University of Sydney.

Professor van Krieken's term/s of office as a Fellow of Senate:

  • term 1: 1 June 2013 - 31 May 2015 (two years) - current term


BA(Hons) PhD UNSW LLB Sydney
Fellow of Senate, 1 June 2013 –

Of Dutch parentage, but born in Hong Kong where he spent his primary school years, Robert van Krieken came to Sydney in 1967, and on leaving school did a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Sociology at the University of NSW, as well as a PhD, supervised by Michael Pusey.

Professor van Krieken started working at the University of Sydney in 1979, and since then has helped build up the Sociology programme, as well as the Socio-Legal programme more recently. He is Professor of Sociology and Chair of Department of Sociology and Social Policy, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

He is also active in the International Sociological Association.