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Senate history


(a) Elected position, with the title of Vice-Provost

In 1850, the Vice-Chancellor had the title of Vice-Provost.

The Act of Incorporation 1850 provided that the Vice-Provost was annually elected by the Fellows of the Senate out of their own body: the office of Vice-Provost of the said University shall be an annual office, and the said fellows shall, at a meeting to be holden by them within six months after the passing of this Act, elect out of the said Senate a Vice-Provost, and on some day before the expiration of the tenure of the said office, of which due notice shall be given, elect one other fit and proper person to be the Vice-Provost of the said University, and so from time to time annnually (section VI)

(b) New title - Vice-Chancellor

The title of Vice-Provost was changed to Vice-Chancellor in 1860.

(c) Appointed position

At its meeting on 24 April 1924, Senate considered a report from its committee that expressed the unanimous opinion of its members that "the University needed a Chief Executive Officer who should take over the whole working of the University and be styled "Vice-Chancellor" following the precedent of Oxford and Cambridge and most other English Universities" (Senate minutes). After some additional suggestions by the Professorial Board which were adopted by Senate, the University's solicitor was asked to draft the necessary legislation to enable Parliament to give effect to the administrative changes. The subsequent Bill received Royal Assent on 12 December 1924. The University and University Colleges Act 1900 (as amended) was thus amended to provide that "The Senate may appoint an officer who shall be styled the Vice-Chancellor and who shall have and exercise such powers, rights, duties and functions as may be prescribed by by-laws made by the Senate" (section 14 (1A)).

(d) Changed title - Vice-Chancellor and Principal

The title of Vice-Chancellor was changed to Vice-Chancellor and Principal in 1955.