Terms of reference

SEG will:

  • oversee the implementation of the University’s strategic plan
  • account to Senate for the financial and academic viability and sustainability of the University
  • protect and enhance the position and reputation of the University
  • oversee performance monitoring and improvement, regulatory compliance and quality assurance processes
  • maintain the University’s risk register and ensure appropriate risk mitigation within the context of the overall Risk Framework
  • oversee the University’s curriculum, teaching, research and research training, in conjunction with the Academic Board
  • oversee the University’s human resources management and capability planning
  • review the University’s budget prior to its presentation for Senate approval
  • prioritise digital and physical infrastructure projects
  • oversee, in conjunction with the Academic Board, the programs of faculty reviews conducted jointly by the Curriculum Committee and the Academic Board
  • review and approve SEG committee and divisional board recommendations regarding policies, procedures, programs and initiatives.
  • negotiate compacts with divisions regarding their research and teaching excellence strategies.