Primary purpose and Terms of reference

The SEG Work Health and Safety (WHS) Committee is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the University’s WHS Strategic Plan. The SEG WHS Committee assists SEG to ensure that an appropriate level of resourcing and management is given to mitigating health and safety risk across the University.

The SEG WHS Committee, in its role as the University-wide WHS Management Committee, monitors University WHS Performance across all areas of risk to health, safety and wellbeing and provides management and decision making about University-wide WHS issues requiring timely resolution.

The SEG WHS Committee will consult with HSRs on University-wide WHS issues that have not been able to be resolved at local levels and through usual HSR and consultation mechanisms. The SEG WHS Committee will make management decisions to resolve the WHS issues it considers appropriate for the Committee to make, or if not considered within its terms, will decide further action.

The WHS Committee reports on all WHS matters to the SEG. The SEG WHS Committee may establish sub-committees and working parties to assist with specific matters where it is considered that such a sub-committee is the best method by which to resolve a particular WHS issue.


Voting Members

  • Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Chair – Ex-officio
  • Vice Principal, Operations – Ex-officio
  • Director, Safety Health and Wellbeing – Ex-officio
  • Director, Human Resources – Ex-officio
  • Director, Campus Infrastructure Services – Ex-officio

A minimum of 4 Deans representing the following divisions: (more than 4 permissible when more than 4 Deans express interest):

  • Dean #1 – representative of the Division of Natural Sciences – nominated by the Divisional Board
  • Dean #2 – representative of the Divisions of Engineering and Information Technologies, and Architecture and Creative Arts – nominated through consultation with the Divisional Boards
  • Dean #3 – representative of Divisions of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Business – nominated through consultation of the Divisional Boards
  • Dean #4 – representative of Divisions of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy and Health Sciences – nominated by the joint Divisional Board

Quorum: 5 voting members

Members for purposes of consultation – Non-voting members

  • 2 Health and Safety Representatives – by nomination from the body of elected Health and Safety Representatives (if one or both of the HSR representatives is unable to attend a meeting then they are able to nominate a replacement)
    Student representative – undergraduate (SRC)
    Student representative – postgraduate (SUPRA)
    Representative from the University of Sydney Union WHS Committee
  • Other representatives who will attend Committee for purposes of reporting and diligence
    Manager, Injury Management Services – Ex-officio
    Manager, Work Health and Safety Services – Ex-officio
    Representative from Sydney University Sports and Fitness
    Representative of the Office of General Counsel
    HSR/s other than those who are members for the purpose of specific
    agenda item/s

Frequency of meeting

The SEG WHS Committee meets once every quarter.

Delegation of attendance

Ability to delegate attendance – Members may formally delegate both attendance and voting rights (where applicable) to a person with the appropriate level of seniority and subject matter expertise proportionate to their own position. (E.g. a Director may delegate attendance to a Manager who reports directly to that Director).

Escalation to SEG

In situations where voting members agree that the SEG WHS Committee is ill equipped or unable to make a decision independent of SEG, that group will escalate the issue to SEG for consideration.

If an affected party is not satisfied with a decision taken by the SEG WHS Committee, then the issue will be immediately referred to SEG for review/decision.