Terms of reference

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) Committee monitors WHS performance, ensures a co-ordinated approach to WHS and deals with University-wide health and safety issues. The WHS Committee makes recommendations on systematic management of WHS risks for adoption by senior management and coordinates
approaches to health and safety within the University.

The WHS Committee meets once every three months and deals with policy issues and health and safety matters that have broad implications for the University. The Committee makes recommendations to management and reports to the Vice-Chancellor and Senate.

The WHS Committee may establish sub-committees and working parties to assist with specific matters.


  • Director, Human Resources (Chair)
  • Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Deputy Chair)
  • Director, Campus Infrastructure Services
  • 4 Faculty Deans
  • 10 Work Health and Safety Representatives, one being chosen by & from the HSR’s in each of the seven Academic Divisions and the three major Professional Service Units.
  • 2 student representatives, one each from SUPRA and the SRC.

Ex-officio Members

  • Director, Work Health Safety and Injury Management Services
  • Employee representative from the University of Sydney Union OHS Committee.
  • Representative of SU Sport and Fitness
  • Representative from the Office of General Counsel