Colleges Consultative Committee

The Colleges Consultative Committee has been established to provide a more formal forum for meetings of residential colleges with the University’s senior management, and a stronger relationship between the colleges and the University’s governance mechanisms.

The committee, chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, is aimed at enhancing opportunities for information exchange between the colleges and the University with a view to enhancing the student experience.

Frequency of meetings: quarterly and as required.


  • Dr Michael Spence (Chair), Vice-Chancellor and Principal
  • Professor Tyrone Carlin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Registrar)
  • Dr Amanda Bell, Principal, The Women's College
    The Women's College
  • Mr Adrian Diethelm, Rector, St John's College
    St John's College
  • Mr Wayne Erickson, Principal, St Andrew's College
    St Andrew's College
  • Dr Ivan Head, Warden, St Paul's College
    St Paul's College
  • Dr Marie Leech, Principal, Sancta Sophia College
    Sancta Sophia College
  • Ms Lisa Sutherland, Master, Wesley College
    Wesley College
  • Ms Jessica Carroll, Director, International House
    International House
  • Ms Shana Kerlander, CEO, Mandelbaum House
    Mandelbaum House