Terms of reference

The Curriculum and Course Planning Committee will:

  1. Oversee the University’s curriculum reform agenda.
  2. Conduct an annual review of the student load and mix to ensure educational and financial sustainability, including proposing to SEG University targets for recruitment and retention of low SES, Indigenous and rural and remote students.
  3. Monitor and report to SEG on progress towards achieving the University’s commitment to attracting and supporting promising students from a diversity of social and cultural backgrounds.
  4. Provide expert input into the Work Slate projects on curriculum development, degree levels and pathways, and assessment.
  5. Support curriculum renewal and best practice throughout the University.
  6. Review degree programs and make recommendations to SEG for appropriate reform and improvement.
  7. Collaborate with the Academic Board in the development of a cycle of regular faculty curriculum reviews.
  8. Assess the strategic fit, business case and appropriateness of all new degree proposals and make recommendations to SEG as to whether these proposals should be sent to the Academic Board for approval.
  9. Oversee, monitor and approve all student fees for degree programs.


  • Provost (co-chair)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education (co-chair)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Registrar)
  • Chair, Academic Board (or nominee)
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Deputy Registrar (or nominee)
  • Director Educational Innovation (or nominee)
  • Director, Global Student Recruitment
  • Director, Planning and Information Office
  • One member appointed by each divisional board
  • General Counsel or nominee (in attendance)