Disability Action Plan Committee

The Disability Action Plan Committee was formed to ensure that the University incorporates the rights and opportunities of people with disabilities in all policies, planning and conduct, as set out in the Disability Action Plan 2013 - 18 (DAP).

Frequency: Twice per semester for the life of the DAP.


  • Professor Jennie Brand-Miller (Chair), Professor, Human Nutrition, School of Molecular Bioscience
  • Ms Jordi Austin, Director, Student Support Services
  • Ms Victoria Bolton, Architect, Campus Infrastructure Services
  • Mr Nick Gilbert, Director, ICT Service Management
  • Mr Jasmin Camdzic, DAP Consultative Cte Student Rep
  • Mr John Dixon, Director, Human Resources
  • Ms Sarah Jones, Manager Operations and Resources, Marketing and Communications (nominee)
  • Dr Maree Murray, Director, Equity and Diversity Strategy Centre
  • Ms Jo Ragen, DAP Consultative Cte Staff Rep
  • Professor Colin Rhodes, Dean and Director, Sydney College of the Arts
  • Ms Nicole Wedgwood, Centre for Disability Research and Policy
  • Ms Megan Wilkinson, Solicitor, Office of General Counsel