Disability Action Plan Committee

The Disability Action Plan Committee was formed to ensure that the University incorporates the rights and opportunities of people with disabilities in all policies, planning and conduct, as set out in the Disability Action Plan 2013 - 18 (DAP).

Frequency: Twice per semester for the life of the DAP.


  • Professor Jennie Brand-Miller (Chair), Professor of Human Nutrition, School of Life and Environmental Sciences and the Charles Perkins Centre
  • Ms Jordi Austin, Director, Student Support Services
  • Ms Victoria Bolton, Architect, Campus Infrastructure Services
  • Ms Julia Cohen, Director, Safety Health and Wellbeing
  • Mr John Dixon, Director, Human Resources
  • Mr Nick Gilbert, Director, ICT Service Management
  • Ms Jo Metzke, Director, Talent, Organisational Development and Diversity
  • Ms Jo Ragen, DAP Consultative Committee Staff Representative
  • Professor Colin Rhodes, Dean and Director, Sydney College of the Arts
  • Ms Marian Theobald, Marketing and Communications (or nominee)
  • Ms Nicole Wedgwood, Centre for Disability Research and Policy
  • Ms Megan Wilkinson, Solicitor, Office of General Counsel
  • Ms Olivia Cromme, DAP Consultative Committee Student Representative

One member appointed by each divisional board

  • Dr Aaron Camp, Senior Lecturer, School of Medical Sciences
    Division of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy
  • Dr Anna Hickey-Moody, Gender and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
    Division of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Professor Tom Hubble, Pro-Dean, Faculty of Science
    Division of Natural Sciences
  • Associate Professor Chengwang Lei, School of Civil Engineering
    Division of Engineering and Information Technologies
  • Dr Meryl Lovarini, Lecturer, Discipline of Occupational Therapy
    Division of Health Sciences
  • Professor Colin Rhodes, Dean and Director, Sydney College of the Arts
    Division of Architecture and Creative Arts
  • Mr Nigel Smith, Executive Director, Sydney Business School
    Division of Business

In attendance

Ms Terri Mears, Project Implementation Officer, Disability Action Plan