Terms of reference

Primary purpose

To ensure that the University incorporates the rights and opportunities of people with disabilities in all policies,
planning and conduct, as set out in the Disability Action Plan 2013-18 (DAP).

  1. Prioritise the recommendations of the DAP with respect to planning the implementation of the recommendations and advise on the appropriate budget allocations for the annual implementation plan.
  2. Oversee, review, evaluate and report on the outcomes, as set out in the DAP
  3. Monitor and assist the development and implementation of local Faculty and business unit DAPs.
  4. Provide quarterly reports to the Senior Executive Group on the progress of implementation of the DAP and signal outstanding issues for resolution.
  5. Conduct an annual survey of staff and students to monitor and evaluate the success of the DAP, including measures of the culture of inclusivity within the University.
  6. Receive from and send to other sub-committees of SEG, including Divisional Boards, reports as appropriate.
  7. Oversee, receive reports from and assign actions to, the DAP Consultative Committee.


  • Chair
  • A maximum of 2 members of SEG
  • One member appointed by each divisional board
  • Senior representative of the Centre for Disability Research and Policy
  • Director, Human Resources
  • Director, Equity and Diversity Strategy
  • Director, Marketing and Communications or nominee
  • Chief Information Officer or nominee
  • Director, Student Support Services
  • Director, Safety Health and Wellbeing
  • Director, Campus Infrastructure Services or nominee
  • General Counsel or nominee
  • 1 staff member of DAP Consultative Cte
  • 1 student member of DAP Consultative Cte


  • Project Officer, Disability Action Plan



Frequency of meeting

Twice per semester