Terms of reference

The Education Committee will:

  1. Provide advice to SEG on strategic educational issues and on implementation of the University’s educational strategy.
  2. Provide advice to SEG on measures designed to improve the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning within the University, including through effective innovation in teaching and learning and its uptake.
  3. Provide advice to SEG FIC and SITI on priorities and need for improvement in the University’s physical and virtual infrastructure for learning and teaching.
  4. Serve as an all-faculty forum on educational matters, encouraging alignment of Faculty educational strategies and the University’s Strategic Plan.
  5. Monitor indicators of the quality of the educational experience at the University and develop strategies for quality improvement.
  6. Develop and monitor policies and procedures on all aspects of the educational experience in cooperation with the Academic Board.
  7. Provide advice to SEG on co-curricular activities that support the University’s educational strategic priorities in collaboration with the Academic Board and relevant Portfolios.
  8. Work with the Academic Board and Portfolios to undertake a systematic review of educational policies and procedures.
  9. Consider and report on any matter referred to it by the Vice-Chancellor or Academic Board.


  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education (Chair)
  • Chair, Academic Board (or nominee)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Strategy and Services (or nominee)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Registrar (or nominee)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research (or nominee)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, Global Engagement
  • Director, Educational Innovation, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Education
  • Director, Education Strategy, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Education
  • Faculty Associate Deans, Learning and Teaching
  • A student nominated by the SRC
  • A student nominated by SUPRA
  • General Counsel or nominee (in attendance)