Finance and Infrastructure Committee

The Finance and Infrastructure Committee will advise SEG on the financial viability and sustainability of the University in alignment with academic goals. It will make recommendations to SEG on the most appropriate strategies for managing, resourcing and prioritising its digital and physical infrastructure needs. It will assist in the development and implementation of the UEM, and advise SEG regarding the University’s budget.

Frequency of meetings: monthly


  • Professor Stephen Garton (Chair), Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • Richard Allen, Director, Procurement Services
  • Wayne Andrews, Chief Financial Officer
  • Professor Tyrone Carlin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Registrar)
  • Mike Day, Chief Information Officer
  • Nisha Graham, Director, Audit and Risk Management
  • Professor Duncan Ivison, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
  • Sarah Morgan, Director, Services Transformation (Sydney Student)
  • David Oosthuizen, Director, Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Professor Pip Pattison, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
  • Greg Robinson, Director, Campus Infrastructure Services

One member appointed by each divisional board

  • Professor John Redmond, Dean, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning
    Division of Architecture and Creative Arts
  • Professor Gregory Whitwell, Dean, The University of Sydney Business School
    Division of Business
  • David Cox, Chief Operating Officer, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies
    Division of Engineering and Information Technologies
  • Professor Kathryn Refshauge, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences
    Division of Health Sciences
  • Professor Joellen Riley, Dean, Sydney Law School
    Division of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Professor Chris Peck, Dean, Faculty of Dentistry
    Division of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy
  • Professor Rosanne Taylor, Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Science
    Division of Natural Sciences

Two faculty managers (nominated by the Faculty Managers Consultative Group)

  • Jasmine Chambers, General Manager, Division of Natural Sciences
  • Charlene Griffiths, Executive Officer, Sydney College of the Arts

In attendance:

  • John Dixon, Director, Human Resources
  • Matt Easdown, Deputy CFO and Director, Corporate Finance
  • Associate Professor Rob Ellis, Nominee, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education); Director of eLearning and Learning Space
  • Richard Fisher, General Counsel