Terms of reference

The Human Resources and Equity Committee will:

  1. Develop strategies and policies for the consideration of SEG with respect to achieving our goals in the areas of staff development, gender equity and improvement in our performance in relation to other equity groups.
  2. Develop policy and procedures and review frameworks with respect to staff recruitment, performance, development and promotion.
  3. Advise SEG on key strategies for improving the staff experience.
  4. Monitor staff evaluation surveys to identify areas of weakness in service provision and client satisfaction.
  5. Monitor performance with respect to achieving University equity goals.
  6. Develop initiatives to improve the University’s equity goal performance for the consideration of SEG.
  7. Oversee the implementation of an integrated University workload framework.
  8. Monitor and report to SEG on the implementation of the Disability Action Plan 2011–2015.
  9. Oversee and monitor the development and implementation of processes for succession planning and career development for all staff.
  10. Monitor and advise on the provision of learning opportunities for all staff.
  11. Standing items on the SEG HRE agenda will include: Staff Engagement; HR Policy; Equity & Diversity Progress Reports; and Learning Opportunities.


  • Provost (Chair)
  • Vice-Principal (Operations)
  • Director, Human Resources
  • Director, Student Support Services
  • One member appointed by each divisional board (preferably including two faculty managers)
  • Chair of the Academic Standards and Policy Committee of the Academic Board
  • Director, HR Relationship Management
  • Director, Equity and Diversity Strategy
  • Director, Talent and Organisational Development
  • Director, HR Strategy and Policy
  • General Counsel or nominee (in attendance)