Terms of reference

The Cultural Resources Committee will develop strategies, policies and procedures and coordinate activity to ensure that the University’s cultural resources, including the library, museums, galleries, theatres and performance programs, are integrated into teaching and research and support the University’s goals, including those relating to community and international engagement.

The Cultural Resources Committee will:

  1. Develop strategies, policies and procedures to assist the University to better use its information resources, collections, theatres and concert programs to meet the needs of users. These strategies to:
    - leverage our significant cultural and information resources to help achieve the University’s goals.
    - identify research and teaching opportunities which effectively exploit the University’s cultural wealth.
  2. Integrate the University’s cultural resources into our marketing and recruitment strategy.
  3. Develop strategies, policies and procedures for the consideration of SEG that will increase the University’s ability to contribute to and engage with the cultural life of our local, regional and international communities.
  4. Monitor the University’s partnerships and relationships with external cultural organisations in order to develop and coordinate strategies.
  5. In consultation with Campus Infrastructure Services, to provide advice to the SEG Finance and Infrastructure Committee (FIC) in respect of infrastructure required to create and sustain a viable cultural precinct.


  • One member of SEG (Chair)
  • Dean and Director, Sydney College of the Arts or nominee
  • Dean and Principal, Sydney Conservatorium of Music or nominee
  • Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences or nominee
  • Power Professor of Art History and Visual Culture, Director of the Power Institute
  • Director, Museums and Cultural Engagement
  • Director, Marketing and Communications
  • University Librarian
  • Director of Campus Infrastructure Services or nominee
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Strategy and Services) or nominee
  • General Counsel or nominee (in attendance)
  • To co-opt as required for specific projects or discussions

Frequency of meetings: Initially bimonthly and then the frequency of meetings to be varied in the light of experience.