Terms of reference

The University Services Steering Committee will:

  1. Recommend a services delivery strategy and provide advice on its implementation and the ongoing operation of both central and distributed services.
  2. Provide advice in regard to University-wide strategies, policies and quality standards for services.
  3. Assess and advise on which services can best be provided centrally and which should most effectively be provided locally, and further which should work on an ‘owner-operator’ model and which as a ‘client- supplier’ model.
  4. Identify opportunities to extend the scope of services to capture greater efficiency and effectiveness benefits for the University, based on review of current and proposed services.
  5. Require and review reports on the strategic and operational issues facing core services.
  6. Hold directors of core University services accountable for their professional units’ ability to adapt to revised service delivery models while maintaining ongoing operations.
  7. Identify and oversee the quality assurance and strategic operational risks confronting both central and distributed service delivery.
  8. Consider and endorse annually the strategic service priorities for the PSUs, divisions and faculties.
  9. Provide advice and make recommendations regarding services reform.
  10. Request and receive regular reviews and reports from the Directors/CFO/CIO and Chairs of Divisional Boards in regard to service delivery.


  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Management) (chair)
  • Chair of each division
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Director, Human Resources
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Director, Campus Infrastructure Services
  • General Counsel or nominee (in attendance)