Terms of reference


The principles for the operation of the Board are:

  • Mutual respect and support for the integrity and autonomy of each of the constituent faculties within the Division.
  • That each constituent faculty is responsible for establishing and implementing its budgets in accordance with its strategic plan.
  • Good faith commitment to achieving the objectives of the Board.
  • Collaboration among the Faculties in respect of all matters within the mandate of the Board.
  • All operational responsibility for each Faculty remains with the respective Faculty.


The three Deans, which include the Chair of the Board shall, at the start of each year, agree on the overarching agenda for the Board during the year.

The consent of the relevant Dean must be given in respect of all matters essential to accreditation requirements for their Faculty.


  1. Ensure the development of Faculty Strategic Plans and develop a Divisional Board strategic plan.
  2. Ensure that the Divisional Board plan aligns with the University Strategic Plan and that Faculty strategic plans align with both the Divisional Board and University Plan.
  3. Develop a risk register for the group of faculties as a whole within the overall context of the University’s Risk Framework, building on the risk registers of individual faculties.
  4. Ensure that all constituent faculties undertake curriculum review and development in line
    with University policies.
  5. Encourage cross-disciplinary research and teaching.
  6. Agree research and teaching ‘compacts’ with SEG.
  7. Propose new courses on behalf of constituent faculties to SEG and the Academic Board.
  8. Sustain strategic oversight of the budget for each of the constituent faculties of the Divisional Board, with a view to exploring initiatives for improving the financial operations and effectiveness of the Faculties and reducing duplication and overlap.
  9. Explore areas in which there may be synergies and efficiencies in professional and student services and, as appropriate, contribute to the University’s shared services program.


The Board shall meet as required but at least six times a year.


Divisional Board Chair (a Dean from either FAD&P, SCA or SCM)
The Deans of FAD&P, SCA, and SCM
Three Senior Academic Leaders from FAD&P nominated by the Dean of FAD&P
Two Senior Academic Leaders from SCA nominated by the Dean and Director of SCA
Three Senior Academic Leaders from SCM nominated by the Dean and Principal of SCM
One additional Senior Academic Leader from the Faculty providing the Chair nominated by the Chair