Terms of reference

Objectives of the Divisional Board

The objectives of the Board are to promote and support the strategic development of the Business School within the University of Sydney. Additionally the Board will provide a forum for fostering collaboration with those faculties and academic units in the wider University which have mutual and shared academic and strategic interests with the Business School. It is intended that the Board will apply its expertise to provide advice, insight and guidance to:

  • the strategic direction for the Division, taking into account the strategic plan of the University
  • strategic relationships with the business, professional, academic, student and accreditation communities in consultation with the School’s Board of Advice
  • cross-disciplinary research and teaching within the context of the strategic direction
  • curriculum and pedagogic development and reform, including the proposition of new courses on behalf of the Business School to SEG and the Academic Board
  • budgetary oversight responsibility for the Business School according to the principles of the University Economic Model.
  • research and teaching strategies consistent with Chapter 3 of the White Paper
  • an accountability framework to the broader University, through SEG, for the academic and financial health of the School of Business
  • rigorous and strategic academic recruitment and appointment practices in the School of Business
  • a risk register for the Division within the overall context of the University’s Risk Framework

Composition of the Divisional Board and Meetings

  • A Chair appointed by the Vice-Chancellor
  • Dean of the Business School
  • The two Deputy Deans of the Business School
  • Additional member from a faculty with which the Business School has substantial teaching or research collaboration, nominated by the Provost
  • Two members from the corporate or business community, proposed by the Dean of the Business School and approved by the Provost (External)

The Provost will be an ex officio member of the Board

There shall be no delegation of membership of the Divisional Board in the event that a member is not able to attend a meeting.

The Divisional Board will meet a minimum of six times per year.


Decisions will be reached by consensus or when appropriate by a majority vote. The Chair of the Board will only have a casting vote in the event of a tied vote. The Dean of the School has to agree to a recommendation in matters considered essential to any professional accreditation requirements.

Administrative support to the Chair of the Divisional Board

Administrative support to the Chair of the Board is to be provided primarily through the University Secretariat.

Evaluation of Board performance

The performance of the Board shall be reviewed regularly and at least every two years to assess whether and to what extent the Board is meeting its objectives and performing its functions.