Terms of reference

Objectives of the Board

The objectives of the Board are to promote and support the strategic development of the Division and its constituent faculties within the University. Additionally the Board will provide a forum for fostering collaboration with those faculties and academic units in the wider University with which the Division has mutual and shared academic and strategic interests.

Responsibilities of the Board

  • Develop a strategic direction and plan for the Division as a whole, taking into account the strategic plan of the University and the plans of the constituent faculties and having regard to the financial and academic sustainability of the education and research activities of the faculties. In doing so, the Board will maintain an appropriate balance between local, national and international perspectives and take into account the needs of industry, business and the community.
  • Provide a forum for quality assurance in education, research and administration.
  • Develop a risk register for the Division as a whole within the overall context of the University’s Risk Framework, building on the risk registers of individual faculties.
  • Encourage curriculum and pedagogic development (and reform) within and between the constituent faculties.
  • Promote cross-disciplinary research and teaching both between the constituent faculties and with other parts of the University.
  • Agree research and teaching ‘compacts’ with SEG.
  • Propose new courses on behalf of constituent faculties to SEG and the Academic Board.
  • Approve, through the Chair, the filling of existing posts and the creation of new posts at Level C and above, and accept responsibility for ensuring that faculties seek to recruit the ‘brightest researchers’.
  • Identify research priorities and opportunities
  • Exercise budgetary responsibility for its constituent faculties according to the principles of the University Economic Model.
  • Account to the broader University, through SEG, for the academic and financial health of its constituent faculties, and participate in reviews of those faculties with SEG and the Academic Board.
  • Become an effective conduit for engagement with government, research organisations and the public and private health care sectors
  • Explore areas in which resources can be shared across the Division and, as appropriate, engage in the development of the University’s shared services functions.

Composition of the Board

Chair: Appointed by the Vice-Chancellor (currently the Dean of Medicine)

Nominee of the Dean from one of the clinical schools – nominated by the Dean for a term of two years; may be reappointed for a second term - initially Professor Ben Freedman*

School of Medical Sciences
Nominee of the School appointed for a term of two years; may be reappointed for a second term – initially Professor Chris Murphy*

School of Public Health
Nominee of the School appointed for a term of two years; may be reappointed for a second term – initially Professor Glenn Salkeld*



*initial term to 31 December 2012

The Provost will be an ex officio member of the Board

Other attendees

  • One Faculty Manager (or equivalent) from each faculty is invited to participate fully in all activities of the Board.
  • The Finance Director (or nominee), HR Relationship Manager (or nominee) or other members of the University with particular expertise may be invited to attend meetings when relevant matters are discussed.
  • It is expected that above members will attend meetings whenever possible. They may, however, nominate another person to attend if necessary.
  • The Board may at its discretion determine that a session be limited to Board members only. Should this situation arise, reasons will be documented.

Relationships with other faculties/divisions

Representation of the Faculty of Health Sciences on the Board: A nominee of the Faculty of Health Sciences will attend meetings by invitation when the Division feels matters will be relevant to the Faculty of Health Sciences. In addition, the Division will involve the Faculty of Health Sciences to the extent that that faculty wishes to participate in discussions about cooperation in administrative matters.

Representation of MDNP Division on the Board of the Faculty of Health Sciences: The Board recommends that the Faculty of Health Sciences invite a member of the MDNP Division to its meetings when the Faculty of Health Sciences considers it relevant.

Relationship with the Faculty of Science, Veterinary Science: The Head of the School of Medical Sciences (Professor Murphy) is a member of Board of the Science, Veterinary Science, Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Division. A nominee of that Division will attend meetings by invitation when the MDNP Division feels relevant matters will be discussed.

Relationship with other faculties: The Board will invite members of other Divisions to attend meetings when matters relevant to them arise.

Chair of the Board

The Chair will be responsible for:

  • Calling all meetings
  • Preparing the agenda and related papers and draft Recommendations
  • Ensuring that the minutes of Board meetings are recorded
  • Forwarding recommendations to SEG and liaising with the relevant committees of SEG
  • Reporting to SEG as required and at least once each year
  • Liaising where appropriate on behalf of the Board with the Provost and Vice-Chancellor.


Where decisions are not unanimous the matter concerned shall be determined by majority vote; each member shall be entitled to one vote. The Chair of the Board will only have a casting vote.

Evaluation of Board performance

The performance of the Board shall be reviewed regularly and at least every two years to assess whether and to what extent the Board is meeting its objectives and performing its functions.


The Board may establish Sub-Committees, the membership of which may include persons who are note members of the Board, for defined purposes and durations.


Administrative support is to be provided through the University’s secretariat service.

Frequency of meetings

Meetings will be held quarterly.