Division of Natural Sciences

This division groups the faculties of Agriculture and Environment, Science, and Veterinary Science. As of February 2016 the Divisional Board has been disbanded, but while it was in existence, membership was as below.


  • Professor Trevor Hambley (Chair), Dean
    Faculty of Science
  • Professor Adam Bridgeman, Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching
    Faculty of Science
  • Ms Jas Chambers, General Manager
    Division of Natural Sciences
  • Professor Alex McBratney, Acting Dean
    Faculty of Agriculture and Environment
  • Mr Simon McCoy, HR Relationship Manager
  • Professor Chris Murphy, Head, School of Medical Sciences
    Sydney Medical School
  • Mr Greg Robinson, Finance Director
    Divisions of Natural Sciences, Engineering & IT and the Business School
  • Associate Professor Paul Sheehy, Pro Dean
    Faculty of Veterinary Science
  • Professor Rosanne Taylor, Dean
    Faculty of Veterinary Science
  • Professor Mike Thompson, Deputy Dean
    Faculty of Science

Ex officio

  • Professor Stephen Garton, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor
    Office of the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor