Division of Natural Sciences

This division groups the faculties of Agriculture and Environment, Science, and Veterinary Science. The membership of the divisional board is as follows.


  • Professor Trevor Hambley (Chair), Dean
    Faculty of Science
  • Professor Adam Bridgeman, Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching
    Faculty of Science
  • Ms Jas Chambers, General Manager
    Division of Natural Sciences
  • Professor Alex McBratney, Acting Dean
    Faculty of Agriculture and Environment
  • Mr Simon McCoy, HR Relationship Manager
  • Professor Chris Murphy, Head, School of Medical Sciences
    Sydney Medical School
  • Mr Greg Robinson, Finance Director
    Divisions of Natural Sciences, Engineering & IT and the Business School
  • Associate Professor Paul Sheehy, Pro Dean
    Faculty of Veterinary Science
  • Professor Rosanne Taylor, Dean
    Faculty of Veterinary Science
  • Professor Mike Thompson, Deputy Dean
    Faculty of Science

Ex officio

  • Professor Stephen Garton, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor
    Office of the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor