Terms of reference

The terms of reference of the Senior Executive Group are as follows.

  1. Receive and consider significant proposals from central management, SEG committees and other sources relevant to the management and administration of the University as a whole.
  2. Make decisions and recommendations about matters of strategy, management, administration and related policies brought before it.
  3. Act as the principal forum through which central management can be advised about any issues of concern associated with the interface between the faculties and the central portfolios.
  4. Identify priority issues of strategy, management, administration & related policy that need to be addressed at an institution-wide level and bring these formally to the attention of central management.
  5. Establish committees to consider matters of detail arising from the issues before it and receive advice, recommendations and proposals from such committees.
  6. Consider ideas, proposals and suggestions relating to matters of strategy, management, administration and related policy emanating from individual faculties.
  7. Convey its decisions or recommendations to the Academic Board and the Senate through the Vice-Chancellor, and to staff and the wider public through appropriate forms of communication.