The central goal of the Sydney Network on Climate Change and Society is to establish the University of Sydney as a major centre of interdisciplinary research on the past and future of a climate-changed society. We aim to:

  • Develop a research infrastructure for thoroughly interdisciplinary examination of the social and cultural impacts of living in a changed climate;
  • Develop adaptation, governance, and implementation strategies in response to climate change that can be shared with governmental and nongovernmental bodies;
  • Create an information depository and multiple forms of academic and public communication on sustainable adaptation strategies; this will include websites, documentary and film, exhibitions, and interactive social media;
  • Stimulate public discussion and reflection on the social implications of climate change through public and academic events featuring locals and high profile visiting fellows;
  • Submit major funding applications to external bodies, domestic and international, that include significant research training, postdoctoral and ECR opportunities;
  • Integrate and expand our existing individual links with major Centres around the world (e.g. Harvard University Center for the Environment, Earth Institute at Columbia University, Woods Institute at Stanford, ANU Climate Change Institute), and develop links with additional Centres (for example, the Tyndall Centre at University of East Anglia, Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute).