Division of Engineering and Information Technologies

Title of application Project leader/contact
2012 Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School Doug Auld
Challenging Students to Engage with IT Tara Murphy
2012 Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School

Dr Doug Auld
In January 2012, approximately 20 Indigenous students from around Australia will be involved in engineering activities, site visits and social and cultural activities.

Challenging students to engage with IT

Dr Tara Murphy
This project builds on the success of the National Computer Science Schools Challenge, an online programming competition in which 2000 students participate each year. The Challenge will be extended to make it more accessible for socio-economically and geographically disadvantaged students, allowing them to have a positive experience of IT in a friendly and well-supported online learning environment. In this pilot the team will work closely with 3-5 schools to make the Challenge more accessible, including via increased online mentoring by undergraduate and postgraduate students.