At the University of Sydney

Social inclusion initiatives at the University

Our staff can make a big difference by developing socially inclusive practices across our faculties. A number of faculties have already established mentoring networks for first-year students, which make their transition to university life easier, and therefore increases the likelihood of them continuing in higher education.

These links to resources are intended to support inclusive university teaching at an individual and faculty level. If you are a teacher looking for resources for high school students, please visit the Compass website.

The Institute for Teaching and Learning provides training and advice to individual staff members about how to teach and interact with students in an inclusive way. Additionally, the institute and the Social Inclusion Unit manage a grants program intended to help faculties meet our strategic goals for social inclusion and widening participation.

Volunteering - staff and students

The Compass volunteer program engages University staff and students to help school students with reading and homework, and deliver enriched learning experiences at the Compass partner schools.

There are a number of other ways to get involved with volunteering at the University.